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Welcome to Opptum Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Opptum Solutions Pvt. Ltd. got established in the Year 2013 with an aim to shoulder the responsibility of taking IT to everyone within the sphere of action, today Opptum Solutions has registered its powerful presence in almost all the sectors by providing IT solution at a reasonable cost with best unmatched services.

Opptum Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading IT rental solution provider companies endowed with an extrasensory perception, acumen and foresight to understand and fulfil the ever changing demands of IT industry anywhere in INDIA.

Incessantly reinforcing its status as the most reliable Rental solution provider company armed with the latest and best IT solution and most innovative style of working, OPPTUM SOLUTIONS is an outfit of totally dedicated professionals supported by sound infrastructure, adequate supply of equipment, immaculate policies and a spark in the eyes to reach the pinnacles of excellence in the field..


Desktops on Rent

At Opptum Solutions, we provide the quality desktops on rent. By the quality we didn't mean the looks but the best in performance, speed & capable of handling large tasks. We can configure a Machine as per your need, and procure computers for rent with specifications that are suited specifically for you & your company


Laptops on Rent

Today everything is going 'Mobile' and everyone wants to go with the time but sometimes the cost and sometimes the maintainance stop us from doing that. So here we come with the solution at Opptum Solutions, all the cost will remain with us you just enjoy your work by paying little cost of Rent

lcd monitor

LCDs on Rent

'Need a Space.. !!!'. Yes right, today everybody needs a space, then why we are still using the bulky, heavy and unnecessary space consuming Monitors. At Opptum Solutions, we will provide you the LCDs on rent which will not only give you the extra space at your workstation but will also relax you eyes & mind


Printers on Rent

Printers is like a lifeline whether it is an office, some corporate or our home. But here again comes the same problem of high cost and maintainance of laser printers and at Opptum Solutions, we are here to solve the another problem for you by providing the office laser printers on rent.